Renault 12, (810) Happy Happy

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Renault 12, (810) Happy Happy

Postby bowie » Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:12 am

Happy Nodiz'er here.

Replaced the points in my Reno 12, with the Nodiz over the weekend (well a couple of weekends if I'm honest), drove it to work and happy as can be.

First of course the mandatory youtube success video. ...

There is it with the choke out warming up for the first time :)

Oh, and whats a Reno 12? Gees you young kids I don't know.

A small VR sensor is installed on the back of the standard pulley, and the sensor is attached to the oil pan, pointing directly at the back of the wheel. The hardest part was making a bracket (mostly because I'm a muppet), but a few crappy versions later this simple right angle appears to be doing enough, and providing enough adjust-ability.

Shielded wire runs up to the right (drivers side) and along the chassis rail to meet the ECU in the cabin.

A generic Bosch wasted spark coil pack was used, I was impatient waiting for the correct terminal so I soldered some leads directly and crimped ye ol' splades to make it work. To mount it, I gutted the old dizzy, and made some simple brackets to sit it on top. I left the drive cog and shaft in the dizzy just to secure the oil pump drive.

In situ, it doesn't look all that different to be honest.

ECU and coil pack share a fuse, and are powered from the traditional switched coil pack lead which is based at the back of the engine.. or front if it was an R8/10 I suppose.

This was done as I'm preparing to change carbs, cam's etc etc, being able to map a curve I like will be most handy.

TODO: Bunch of sensors (air / coolant / map), once I sort the carbs and manifold out.

But in the shorter term, wire up a clutch switch for some flat shifts and launch control :lol:


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Re: Renault 12, (810) Happy Happy

Postby sunny2019 » Fri Mar 15, 2019 9:58 am

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Re: Renault 12, (810) Happy Happy

Postby bowie » Sat Mar 16, 2019 7:27 am

Glad it could help Mr Spam Bot.

8 months later it's still going strong.

I still haven't done anything really with it, nor have it tuned. It's still running the stock map which is flattering enough advancing out to ~30degrees @ WOT

I've only just organised a MAP sensor for it, along with some coolant sensor to add. A also have a Wideband to install so I can start to tune it properly.

In the meantime, the carb has been replaced with a 32/36 DGV

And with that, It has a new top speed at my local race truck, now managing 145km/h :P

With that in mind I also had it running at a local Khanacross last last year, I'm still finding dirt on the thing in just weird places. After about 5 baths I managed to pull this out of the engine bay..

And I didn't have an issue with the ignition system at all during the event.

A polite stroll over the course if you will. :lol:

So, yeah, it's been pretty good.

Oh! I must go back and add nylon lock buts to the trigger wheel..

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Re: Renault 12, (810) Happy Happy

Postby vickyaheer » Thu May 09, 2019 10:05 am

Now that's a great information! Thanks for sharing.

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