poor spark nodiz 20xe

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poor spark nodiz 20xe

Postby alanbermingham » Wed Sep 25, 2019 7:30 pm

Hi Guys having a problem with getting my engine up and running? even setting the base angle, its turning over, i have crank signal, the blue and green lights are flashing on nodiz, and i have a spark on all cylinders, but the spark is very poor, i have a timing light that i know works perfect, and its not even strong enough to trigger the timing light, i have checked my voltage and i have 12.6v with ignition on, but it drops to 10.4v when cranking, surely this is normal though? or is this voltage too low for the coil? its a brand new delphi coil pack. i have even ran the nodiz power straight from battery to see if better voltage but still 10.4 v when cranking, anyone got any ideas? could it be a bad coil? thanks for any help guys

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