Single shared vertical axis / locking scale on histogram DRO

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Single shared vertical axis / locking scale on histogram DRO

Postby JamieM » Thu Mar 29, 2018 9:46 pm

When displaying multiple channels on a DRO histogram, it'd be cool if there was an optional setting to have a single shared vertical axis for the multiple channels, instead of a separate scale for each (unless I'm missing something!). Maybe like a tickbox in the channel settings or right-click menu or something. Maybe even an option to "lock" the scale or manually set it so it doesn't jump around all over the place :)

For example, it'd be really nice when tuning to be able to plot both Target AFR and actual WB02 AFR on the same histogram, and watch the lines get (hopefully!) closer together as you tune. If you do this in the current version, both channels auto-scale to whatever is in the time window of the histogram, zooming in/out, and therefore don't necessarily align or even give a good representation of how close or far apart they are (or even which one is higher/lower) at a glance. The auto scaling is nice (and what you want in many circumstances!) but not always e.g. when you're showing or comparing two parameters that have the same units (two temperatures might be another example, or two percentages).

I commonly set up a shared axis graph like this for AFR in excel when reviewing my logs - I find it much easier to see whats going on than just plotting AFR Error! Just an idea :)

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