connection issues

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connection issues

Postby deets » Sat May 24, 2014 4:46 pm

Hi, I have the Nodiz all working in a VW Beetle and I've been having fun creating some base maps but there are a few niggles that I could do with some help with. The box had to be returned after the first attempt as only half the coil pack was firing, took a while to get the box back but the problem is now fixed.
The main issue I have is with the blue tooth connections and as this is the only way to upload and adjust the maps it is quite important. The software seems a bit flaky and regularly crashes/freezes and 70% of the time will not connect so I'm regularly restarting the computer and turning the car ignition off and on again. The same seems to be true of the android app, every time I turn the car off the app crashes. Sometimes it will start again when I restart the app but sometimes I have to restart the phone. This is not going to be very convenient when I'm competing next weekend.

So, at the moment I can't connect the computer which is why I'm having some time out. I tried calling motorsport electronics but I can't get any answer again which is why I'm now on the forum.

I don't mind spending a lot of time setting up but most of my time is being spent restarting things to get a connection, quite frustrating really!

I'm hoping there will be a software upgrade or some improvements to be had as currently I'm thinking about putting the distributor back in or changing systems.

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Re: connection issues

Postby Matt@ME » Mon May 26, 2014 1:30 pm


Drop us an email to with your contact number and I will give you a call.

Its usually a windows issue that can cause lockups, and yes we have released version 1.6 that improves comms and also allows faster mapping/multi-cell editing.

As I said, drop us an email and will take over your PC with teamviewer to check drivers etc, and get it all working smoothly for you :)

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