VVT Problems!??!

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VVT Problems!??!

Postby jamespotter » Sat May 26, 2018 7:42 am


Anyone ever had any problems with the VVT on the BT 20V??? Im having this weird intermittent hesitation and misfire. Im thinking it is the VVT sticking on.
So this isn't a help me diag it, I will figure that out. My question is if it is the VVT actuator, Can it be rebuilt instead of replaced? Has anyone ever done that? Looking at it, its pretty nasty, there is grease coming out of the front along with rubber(im guessing that its the internal seal). Theres enough rubber coming out i could see it getting jammed on. The Solenoid is dry but could still be an issue too.
Anyone ever delt with this before?

Please help.

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