Adding a 21st century brain to a 20th century car

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Adding a 21st century brain to a 20th century car

Postby PeteD » Thu Nov 01, 2018 2:36 am

Hey there,

I've started converting my m45 supercharged 1993 Miata (NA6) from 'basic' engine management (rising-rate fuel pressure regulator, MSD timing-retard box & O2 signal modifier) to an to an FM221 ECU. I'm expecting to improve the drive-ability of the car and gain a little power (both peak hp/tq and area-under-the-curve) through the finer tuning resolution and additional sensor input that the ECU has.

The FM221, a Flying Miata variant of the ME221, was introduced as "the next generation of Flyin' Miata engine management" in January, 2017. I got one in February of that year at the introductory price of $999. Then, in May, 2018, FM announced they would "no longer sell stand-alone ECUs" and their remaining stock was sold off at $799.

My FM221 has sat on a shelf for the past 20 months, waiting for me to find the right time to tackle this project. My aim is to keep a record of my progress & experiences though these posts. I feel that the community of FM221/ME221 users is rather small and the setup I have is somewhat unique, so I'm hoping to connect with other folks to share knowledge & tips. I hope you'll jump in with questions / comments along the way - especially if you're a fellow FM221'er!

Here's a gratuitous pic of my car at the Lime Rock Historic Festival, back on Labor Day:

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Re: Adding a 21st century brain to a 20th century car

Postby Blye » Fri Mar 29, 2019 12:32 pm

Your Miata looks phenomenal my friend! At what stage are you now with this project?

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